How Accredited Investors Mailing Lists Can Help Your Real Estate Business

Best option for SC Absentee Property Owners Best alternative for SC Absentee Owner Lists We have always relied on absentee owner mailing lists like the one in to get prospective seller leads in residential real estate. These lists are typically compiled with public information normally the county auditor s office and the register of deeds. Unfortunately.... We have not been getting the type of sales activity we had hoped for. Why is this? We believe it may have something to do with the fact that people were not buying homes; they were just renting them.

In other words, investors were flipping houses... investing in residential foreclosures, short sales, lease options, bank owned properties. We knew this and it's why we concentrated on these types of investor mailing lists, as we had a very tight budget to work with. We could not afford to lose any potential buyer leads just because we did not have the marketing budget to support it. It was a constant game of 'you win some, you lose some'. Either way, we would never be able to claim to have the best real estate investor lists, we had to rely on our next best alternative.

This next best alternative was an investor email database. We had invested heavily in this database and needed a way to provide this information to investors. How could we make this information available to investors without having to spend thousands on monthly maintenance fees? The answer to this issue came to us from another source. We discovered that many commercial property management companies also maintained their own lists, often using the same data sources we had collected.

These lists typically included public information such as tax assessments, repairs, and recent sales activity. But we wanted more than just property values... we wanted to add more general attributes that would better reflect an investor's real world experience. This is when we decided to create an all inclusive accredited investor email list that would be sent to the consumer mailing list across the country.

This all inclusive accredited investor database email list cost us approximately ten thousand dollars per year to maintain. This was well worth every cent because this information provided a better insight into the way the economy worked. It showed business professionals were motivated by the opportunity to earn more profits. It demonstrated to us that we could improve conversions regardless of the economy. It showed us that cold calling isn't as effective and that marketing was more effective than ever.

All of this data became necessary when we created our own real estate marketing campaign. For our first campaign we decided to create an all in one email list. Once we created this all in one mailing list, we started to notice a big improvement in our overall business performance. As a result we expanded our email marketing efforts to include accredited investor lists. The impact of this marketing campaign was profound and beyond our expectations. Not only did we notice a huge improvement in business performance, but we began to notice a drastic decrease in the amount of direct email communication. Knowledge is power and so you would like to top up what you have learned in this article at

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